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New Savings for Healthy Living: CeltiCare Launches Coupon Program

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By Caroline Vitiello, Vice President, Medical Management

This month we are proud to launch a new program for Members that we hope will help you get a healthy start this year. When opening the most recent mail package that CeltiCare sent you, you would have found our newly designed newsletter, Better for You, and you may have noticed coupons that will help you save on a variety of products.

These coupons from many well-known national brands you can find in your grocery store are for items that will help you live well and stay healthier.

Making smarter, healthier choices at the grocery store can be a challenge. We hope the savings you find enclosed in these mailings will make it easier for you and your family to try new things and make good choices. All the food coupons are for items that meet high nutritional standards to help you make those sometime confusing choices.

Whether you have a chronic illness and changing your diet is part of a treatment plan, or you simply want to try some healthier alternatives at your next family dinner, we hope this new benefit of CeltiCare membership will encourage small, gradual changes. As always, listen to your doctor if you are following a special diet that may not allow any items for which you received a coupon.

If you are not a member and you want to take advantage of the coupons Members get in mailings, you can get them too by visiting our CeltiCare Coupon Saver Program page.

Members will be sent coupons every quarter with the newsletter. Keep an eye out for your next mailing!